Monday, February 27, 2012

What I am working on...

I have received some feedback about letters missing from words on the Kindle edition of my book. Those letters ARE in my .htm version on my computer which means it is most likely an error in the Kindle download. I haven't had a chance to read the whole book and see how often it is happening, or heard on which specific devices, but hopefully it isn't making the book difficult to read.

As I have said, Exceptional is currently only available through Kindles and Kindle Apps. However, there is a chance that I will be self-publishing the book in paper form in the next month or two, which would open it up to a new buyer market. BONUS: If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for FREE. I believe they give you a month to read it once you have borrowed it.

I am always open to questions or comments through email as well as here. You can contact me at

I am working on revamping the cover of my book to something more eye catching and interesting. I am thinking about using a model for the image, but with out revealing their entire look. We'll see how this goes.

Book #2 is already in the process of being outlined. That is all the information I have about it at this point, but I plan on keeping you updated. I'll also post some blurbs from Exceptional on the blog in the next several weeks.


  1. So exciting, can't wait for Book #2!!! That ending to Exceptional...ugh, you just ripped my heart out. *sniff* LOL Going to be a very painful wait for more of this story, congrats on an amazing start to the series!

  2. I just finished your book 5 minutes was amazing. I found myself really enjoying this book. I felt like i wanted to be ally lol ........I'm so anxious for part 2. I will definitely be recommending this book to my all of my kindle buddies.

  3. Reading Exceptional, looking forward to the next book. Any idea of when it will be available? : D