Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I don't expect everyone to like my book. At all. In fact, I expect bad reviews. I am not surprised when I see 1 and 2 star reviews, and I am always interested to read the written reviews to see what exactly a reader didn't like. Was it my writing style? My characters? Spelling and grammar? The story?

"What can I improve on?" I ask myself this when I read through reviews.

What I don't expect or appreciate are attacks. Attacks on the community of self-published authors [using my book as a forefront for this] and accusations with no proof to back them.

If you don't like self-published authors, don't read them! You are just going to get yourself riled up. I have a certain disdain for horror stories, therefore, I do not read them.

Don't make accusations that you cannot back up. To clear the air... NO I do not troll Goodreads promoting my book nor do I ask my friends to do the same. If someone posts in a Goodreads group or chat about my book, they have done it on their own. When I post on Goodreads, it is either in the author section of a group, or completely unrelated to my book.

I was a reader before I became an author.

I debated with whether or not to post this, but sometimes it is better to acknowledge the problem rather than ignore it.

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