Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did You Know? Exceptional Edition.

Did you know that...

The very first draft of Exceptional involved time travel. [I'll need to let you read that sometime]

Ally's name was first Molly, then Ollie, and then finally Ally.

In the first draft there were no adults.

Ally fell out of a skyscraper rather than off a ledge in the training center.

Just a few fun facts. :)


  1. hey Jess! i stumbled upon your lovely book :) i loved it! i read it in one day! you are now one of my top 3 writers. i was wondering when the next book would be out?? and what its title will be? thanks! Cara

  2. Anxiously awaiting the second book in your "Exceptional" series . when can we expect it?

    Angela L
    Kaneohe, HI

  3. Hi jess I stumbled upon your book and loved it !! I am eagerly awaiting part 2 in the series do you have any timeline on when it may possibly be out? Victoria G. Ansonia, ct

  4. Hi Jess! I read your book in a day and loved the characters! I'm really into romance right now, but nothing too serious....you know.....and you did perfect of not going over the board! LUKIN AND ALLY ALL THE WAY BABY! Yeah so I was wondering when the next book would be coming out?

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