Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have never lied about who I am, and I do not plan to. I wish there was a little "self-published" token on Amazon, like how B&N has the PubIt! picture. You would think that $2.99 would be explanation enough!

Do I want my books to look perfect? Yes! Who doesn't? I've read books backed by major publishing houses that have errors in them. So will my book have errors? Plenty! I have some AWESOME friends who volunteer to proofread my books. They take time out of their busy schedules and look the text over, and each of them seem to find different errors.

Have we found them all? No.

As with Exceptional, I'll take a brain break and probably read Rogue all the way through to start my outline for book three. If I find errors then, I'll fix them in the document and update the file.

I have never lied about being a self-publish author.

I hope that if you buy my books you realize that.

If you decide to write a review that says "WHY ARE THERE ERRORS IN THIS BOOK" I'll gladly direct you to this post.

I LOVE reading self-published authors. Or Indie authors, which I think sounds better. ;) When I read, I want a good story. I want new characters to love, and I want to get lost. If there are errors.... so be it. If there are a ton, I might side-eye a little, but if the story is readable.... give it to me!


  1. Jess! Please get book three started. I feel like I am in withdrawl from an addiction after finishing book two. I am so in love with the characters and the story line is incredible. I read about one book per week and I read both of the exceptional books in 24 hours. You are doing a phenomenal job.

  2. I started book 1 in February. I was working on a lot of school work so ill be honest I didn't really get into for about a lil over a month. I recently. Fineness and didn't even know there was a second. I was so excited to hear it was a series and I love it. I absolutely. Love ready self published authors. It was amazing. For everyone who has problems with that issue they can shove it I say. I love ur work please hurry with the third book I started the Rogue yesterday and am almost done. Lol.

  3. I am so sad that I have to wait for book three! I am mildly obsessed with dystopia society books and have read my fair share. While your books have errors they are great stories and arw easily overlooked.
    Please hurry with your third book, I read the first two in two days.... I'm lonely now. I love my book characters!
    Keep up the good work and forget the haters!

  4. Great books! I've really enjoyed them and devoured them much too quickly. If you need an extra proof reader, I'd love to volunteer. Proof reading is one of my specialties, but typically my proof reading is work documents, not exciting novels.
    Anyway, just wanted you to know I love the characters in the exceptional series and cannot wait for Ordinary.

  5. I love your books! I would be happy to edit them for you. =)