Saturday, May 11, 2013

Forget Me

I should have written this post weeks ago, but anytime I sit down near my keyboard I am writing somewhere more important. And I'd think you agree. ;)

Better late than never....

Forget Me

A synopsis is always really hard for me to write. I know they are necessary, especially if you want people to buy your book, but I never want to give much away! Now, what I write below will not be the official synopsis you will read on Amazon.

"I don't care if this is bound to have a bad ending. The beginning feels good enough to be worth it."

Forget Me is a first person, present tense story told by Jane, a cafe waitress in the coast town of Hampton Harbor, Maine. Jane finds herself in the care of a loving old couple after she wakes up in their home one evening, void of all memories. With the help of the couple, she decides to let her memories return on their own. She starts to work in their cafe, and it's there that she meets Will.

Will Davey. A gorgeous, kind local who helps run his parents marina.

Against their better judgement, Will and Jane dive head first into a relationship. What will happen when Jane's memories return, and she learns not only who she is, but what she has left behind?