Friday, March 28, 2014

Ordinary Release

I am writing this here because it will be a mouthful on Facebook. I never keep up with this blog. First I said Ordinary would be out last Fall. Then it was early 2014. Then March.

I expected to have Ordinary out by now.

I wasn't expecting everything that would happen over the past 9 months. A very trying pregnancy, deaths in the family, health problems, possibility of a sick baby, blood pressure, etc etc etc.

Life got in the way.

I've been disappointed in myself for awhile now, mad that I haven't released the book. But my health has been bad and I've been trying to take care of myself and the baby. In the past few weeks I've been battling high blood pressure. If you've ever experience blood pressure issues, whether in pregnancy or not, you understand how crappy it can make you feel.

Severe headaches that can't be controlled with medicine. Dizziness. Blurred vision. Nausea.

It makes it hard to work. The only cure for my blood pressure is to lay on my left side and drink water. Well, there isn't much I can do from being flat on my left side besides watch TV, sleep, and maybe prop my Kindle to read.

All that being said.

Ordinary will be released.... drum roll please....


Covers are not my strong suit. I'm sure a publishing house would tear me to pieces. But really, all you care about is what's after the cover, am I right?!