Friday, September 5, 2014

Q&A Part 1

Here is the first set of Q&A from Facebook. SEVERAL of these have spoilers about the series as a whole so if you have not had a chance to read the complete Exceptional trilogy, PLEASE come back to this once you have finished!

Several of you are asking for MORE details. A novella is in the works with some short stories regarding some of our favorite characters and additions to their story lines. But some of the characters and story lines have less detail to give you a chance to form your own ideas and opinions. It let's you, as readers, run with your imagination a little bit as well.

1. If at the end the city has a helicopter, will they ever travel far east? Perhaps to see where the children came from? 

The children came from the WEST but I imagine that they could travel out there if they found it safe. Ally used it to travel to Zone D because she knew it was safe. But I imagine more will be told on this later. ;)

2. Is Ally's baby destined to be an exceptional? What abilities do you think he/she will have?

Yes. Going back to the first book where we talked about the reasons behind the ORC, their baby will mostly definitely be Exceptional. I haven't even thought about abilities! Luke's abilities are pretty powerful, as were Ally's when she had them, so I imagine their child would be powerful as well.
3. What was kemps story? Does he ever recover? 

Stay tuned! :)
4. Will there be a box set paperback release? If yes, will you take cover art submissions by fans? (That would be fun! I smell a contest)

I don't know if I am able to box them using the print publisher that I do. Exceptional is already in print through several major book sellers, and Rogue and Ordinary will be joining it by Christmas. I think the covers will stay as they are for now.
5. Do you feel like Ally had to lose her leg to kind of reign her in?

YES! I didn't want to kill Ally off but I needed a way to calm the speed of her journey and give her a reason to be in the City long enough to commit to Luke.
6. Perhaps I missed this in the book or can't remember the answer but what US city is Lukes northern city in? (Washington?)

Luke and Ally are from Chicago. :) The Eastern City is Philadelphia. The Southern City is Dallas. The Western City is Los Angeles.
7. I would love to see you make a Luke prequel/story! (could cover his parents, why his dad made his choices, how his dad started the rogue mess, perhaps even tie in the children and what the eastern citys look like and of course, plenty of Luke)

Stay tuned. ;) I can't promise a full prequel but I will be covering some of these characters in a novella.

8. Who is Ally and Stosh's dad?

Nothing special here! Just an Exceptional Guard like Luella told us in the first book.

9. You don't bring up Maver or Mazzi, so why weren't they at the wedding?

I have to believe that during the war with the Rogues, and all of the changes going on with the City, people were somewhat displaced. I'd like to imagine that Mazzi is still living with Luke and Ally, cooking for them, and that Maver has found a career in the City, occasionally talking to Luke in passing.

10. Did you write/consider an alternate ending? If so, would you ever release it? If not, was this how you saw the series ending from when you wrote book 1?

There is no alternate ending. Some of the major plot points changed as I went along. For instance, for awhile there was never going to be a reveal of Stosh being Exceptional. Ally was going to have a much harder healing road from her leg, and would have spent weeks in Champaign recovering. The scene with Sabine was changed over and over, rewritten a dozen times, and so on.

Ally was always going to end up with Luke and she was always going to settle on the Northern City as home while also dealing diplomatically with the changes going on in the country.

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